Spam & Virus Filtering

Spam & virus free inbox for Webslice customers.

Approximately 97% of all e-mail traffic is spam. If the current predictions turn out to be true, that percentage will only increase.

Stop wasting your time deleting spam and junk email and let us filter that before it even hits your inbox.

Best in class spam filtering
With the Spaminator from Webslice your inbox is protected from spam and viruses. It’ll save you money as your not downloading spam and viruses to your smartphone and tablets as mobile data is expensive.

Secure Spam Quarantine
Never fear the Spaminator won’t destroy your spam rather quarantine it for you in the cloud. From there you can release and train the Spaminator to do better next time as well as whitelist and block email addresses.

Account-level Filtering
You as the website owner as well as your staff and email users can release quarantine emails from the Spaminator cloud which are kept for 14 days. You can also configure daily reports to be sent for anything quarantined.